The City of Maribor

… a major travel route in antiquity.

… the industrial capital of Yugoslavia in the 20th century.

… the European Capital of Culture 2012 and European Youth Capital 2013 in the 21st century.

… and in the future: we are shaping its story with the Documentary Film Festival at this very moment!

Our history gives us strength

Maribor, the economic and cultural centre of north-eastern Slovenia, has always been a highly transitional area owing to its geographical position: it lies on the crossroads of transport routes between Central and South-Eastern Europe as well as between the western part of Central Europe and the Pannonian Plain. The earliest signs of human settlement date back to the Late Stone Age, as evidenced by scarce findings in the greater Maribor area. The area assumes a more prominent role with the establishment of the first major travel routes in the Roman era. The most important route in antiquity led from Celeia (Celje) to Petoviona (Ptuj) and further on towards the Danube River. Another landmark in the history of the city is the first written record of Maribor Castle (castrum Marchpurch) on Piramida Hill, issued by the Styrian Margrave Ottokar III on October 20, 1164. 45 years later comes the first official reference to Maribor as a market town (Forum Marchpurg) in a document by Duke Leopold VI. Maribor is first mentioned as a city (civitas Marpurch) in a document issued by Gottfried of Marburg for the Cistercian Abbey in Vetrinj (Viktring) on December 4, 1255.

The present encourages us

Today, Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, the wine capital of this sub-Alpine country and the capital of Styria (Štajerska), the second largest Slovenian region. With a population of 115,000, the city also boasts the second largest university in the nation (25,000 students). Maribor is also the business, banking and tourism hub of north-eastern Slovenia. The area surrounding the city is dotted with vineyards and sandwiched between the river Drava and the Pohorje mountain range. It is a great location for sailing, boating, rafting, hiking and extreme cycling. You can also take a leisurely walk through the city park and the three nearby hills.During the winter, the Pohorje mountain range – which hosts the annual Golden Fox women’s ski competition – is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.