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Aljoša Dujmić

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Miha Mohorič

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Erik Valenčič

Erik Valenčič is a long-time journalist and an expert on the situation in Middle East. He started his career in 2001 at Radio Študent, where he was working in a current political redaction and took over the department from 2006 to 2007. Afterwards he moved to Mladina, for which he was writing until 2012 and in the meantime reported for the Slovenian edition of the newspaper Le Monde diplomatique. All these years he’s been travelling around Middle East and Africa and created numerous news covers. In 2011 his book Obleganje Gaze – Ubijanje palestinskega ljudstva was published. From 2012 to 2015 he was working for a foreign political redaction at the national television (RTV), for which he also made two documentary films: Koalicija sovraštva and Fronts of Kurdistan. Koalicija sovraštva received special mention in investigative journalism category at the European Association of Regional Television Circom in May 2015 in Dundalk in Ireland and in the same year Fronts of Kurdistan was awarded special achievement prize by the Association of Slovenian Journalists. Valenčič is a co-editor of the last edition of a newspaper Časopis za kritiko znanosti entitled Rasizem: razrezani svet, published in summer of 2015. In December 2015 his debut novel Sence ne gorijo was published by a publishing house Sanje. His second novel Smrt za življenje is due to be released in October 2017 by the same publisher.

Valenčič often writes for a weekly magazine Mladina as well as cooperated with production companies STARAGARA and TRAMAL FILMS. He’s also a director of Culturally-social institute Sagar. Together with a filmmaker Miha Mohorič he created new documentary film titled Troje svetih, probably shown on national television in November.

Filmography: Dokumentarna oddaja o Siriji (2012),  Dokumentarna oddaja o Gazi (2013), Koalicija sovraštva (2014), Dokumentarna reportaža iz Gaza (2014), Fronte Kurdistana (2015), Troje svetih (2017)

DOKU party

Marta Kosturska and Miha Petric, 5 September 2017, at 8pm, Sodni stolp

Miha Petric and Marta Kosturska collaborated for the first time in 2012. Ever since they’ve been inseparable harmony at the music scene and indispensable members of music band Ethnusiasm, which sensibly recreates Macedonian and traditional folk songs from the Balkan.

DJ F Clef, 9 September 2017, at 11.45pm, Sodni stolp

Dj F Clef is instrumentalist, producer, collector and dj. His dj set has perfective mixes, deliberate selection and foremost strong base. As instrumentalist he’s currently active in music bands PirhAlter, Siti Hlapci and Dread Brains.

At DOKUDOC he’ll be entertaining us on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September 2017 with special funk and electro set. You can also listen to his tracks on Soundcloud:

Guinefola, 10 September 2017, at 5.30pm, Lent Venice Beach (Plaža Lent Benetke)

Guinefola are Tina Sovič and Tamara Povh, who will gently and strikingly at the same time take you to the world of west African rythms in Mali-Slovenian style.

Creative class with Nevena Aleksovski

Binding of notebooks and books by hand

As with so many other things, we can also make notebooks, sketchbooks, books or diaries ourselves. In this workshop we’ll learn some simple hand sewn techniques of binding notebooks and books.

Transferring photos to textile and wood

In this workshop we’ll learn how to transfer a printed photograph to textile or wood, using acrylic emulsion. The process is quick and easy and a great way to decorate textiles or even a piece of furniture.